Providing exceptional investigative services in Latin America for more than 30 years.

For more than three decades, IRI has been dedicated to conducting highly professional, cost-effective, and successful investigations, primarily in Latin America. Cross-border investigation requires special skills and knowledge, and by remaining focused on our geographic area of expertise, we consistently and efficiently deliver on our core mission to provide the highest quality investigative services.

The IRI team works closely with clients and their counsel to plan and implement cost-effective investigation strategies. We have an extensive network of Latin American contacts and resources, which allows us to obtain the sought-after information, evidence and witnesses more effectively and efficiently than other investigators. With this familiarity and expertise, we deliver the results of our investigation on time and on budget. That's our guarantee.

At IRI, we know the law of each country in which we operate. And we know and adhere to the ethical requirements and policies of our clients and their counsel. We understand the importance of these requirements to the long-term success of our investigative efforts. With IRI, you know the information you receive is accurate and useful and that it was legally and ethically obtained. In today's international legal environment, this assurance is invaluable. In fact, for the prudent business or legal professional, it is an absolute necessity.


Highest quality investigative services and results in which our clients can have confidence.

IRI was founded 33 years ago with the highest standards of excellence, honesty, and integrity. Investigation in Latin America can present potential ethical and legal issues, which—if not navigated successfully—could create problems for our clients. At IRI, we keep our eye on the ball. We aggressively pursue our investigative tasks without sacrificing the integrity of our team or our results. We pride ourselves on our uncompromising compliance with all ethical and legal standards, and on our ability to provide our clients with admissible evidence in which they can have absolute confidence.

Experienced.  Effective.  Ethical.  Discreet.

Note:  Because of IRI's commitment to discretion and the safety of our personnel in the field, we do not provide names, photos, or specific information about our staff on the Internet or in marketing materials.

The IRI Executive Team consists of the President and CEO, a former attorney with 15 years of big law firm experience and a longtime client of IRI; IRI's founder, a former fraud prevention program manager at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service with 40 years of investigative experience in more than 20 countries; and the Vice President, a longtime resident of Mexico who has managed investigations at IRI for nearly 20 years. Together, the Executive Team, with more than 75 years of relevant professional experience, guarantees superior investigation, clearly reported and documented, delivered on time and on budget, consistent with client demands and expectations. 

IRI Investigators ("the Field Team") are all native Spanish-speakers drawn primarily from federal and state police and intelligence agencies of their native Latin American countries. Many IRI investigators have also completed training courses conducted by the United States Department of Justice, the FBI, and analogous U.S. state agencies. They hold university and advanced degrees in fields as varying as criminology, business, international trade, and law. IRI Investigators are highly trained in investigative techniques and applicable legal and ethical standards; most have worked with IRI for many years, with an average tenure with the company of more than ten years.

Many investigators working in Latin America—including many Americans—often do not have proper work permits or authorization to conduct certain investigative activities. Failure to follow applicable requirements subjects investigators to potential fines, liability, and embarrassment for their clients, and subjects them and the evidence they obtain to legal challenge and credibility attacks. In contrast, IRI Investigators comply with applicable residency, work authorization, and licensing requirements, ensuring that they and their work will withstand legal challenge.  

IRI Analysts are trained to locate and analyze information in myriad public databases maintained by government departments, quasi-government agencies, and non-governmental organizations. Through advanced search techniques and website mirroring, our Analysts are often able to legally recover relevant content previously posted on web sites but subsequently removed—information which has been used successfully by our clients.

From records research to accident investigations, to uncovering and documenting some of the largest legal frauds ever attempted, IRI brings the same professionalism to every task.


Product Liability Investigations

For more than 20 years, IRI has been the unrivaled leader in providing investigative services in connection with product liability litigation stemming from vehicular accidents and industrial accidents in Latin America. From Argentina to Mexico, IRI has conducted thousands of investigations for leading U.S., Asian, and European vehicle, tire and component parts manufacturers, owners of industrial facilities, firearms manufacturers, chemical companies, and others. These cases often involve fraud and unscrupulous claims, and IRI's investigation provides defense counsel the evidence they need to confront plaintiffs, win the case, or settle on favorable terms. With traditional means of discovery frequently limited or unavailable in foreign litigation, our clients know that our investigation can fill the information void and protect their interests.


Toxic Tort Litigation Investigations 

IRI has conducted numerous investigations for oil and gas producers, mining companies, and chemical and pesticide manufacturers and end users faced with class action or mass tort claims by citizens of Latin American countries. Our efforts have uncovered and helped prevent some of the largest litigation frauds ever attempted. For example, evidence uncovered by IRI investigators in Nicaragua helped a leading food production company defeat recognition and enforcement of billions of dollars in fraudulent Nicaraguan judgments based on alleged pesticide exposure. IRI’s work for a large oil company similarly helped defeat the enforcement of a multi-billion judgment in Ecuador. IRI has had similar success uncovering fraud and securing exculpatory evidence in many other cases.


Employee/Vendor/Partner Background Checks 

With the frequency and cost of occupational and transactional fraud, especially in Latin America, it is becoming increasingly important to have as much information as possible about the people and entities with which you do business. Does a prospective employee have a criminal record, personal financial problems, or checkered work history not revealed on his or her resume? Does a vendor have a history of over-promising and underperforming? Does your prospective business partner have questionable dealings, bad debts, or worseassociation with criminal cartels?  Does your company's acquisition target have the warehouse inventory it claims to have (and does it even have the warehouse)? With weak or non-existent disclosure laws and a history of corruption and unfair dealing, many countries in Latin American are rife with potential pitfalls for businesses, many of which can be avoided through appropriate investigation of prospective employees, vendors, business partners, or acquisition targets. IRI provides these services in a discreet and cost-effective manner, giving you additional information on which to make sound business decisions. 


Public Records Research and Procurement 

Only a small fraction of public records in Latin America can be obtained from online sources. Instead, public records research in Latin America still requires locating the physical file location and navigating the heavily bureaucratic and often confusing local protocol for finding, requesting, and obtaining the targeted documents. Even records that can be found online are often difficult to locate for anyone not familiar with the myriad potential sources and often-inscrutable filing methodologies. IRI Analysts and Investigators know how to find relevant information and obtain these records in the official form in which our clients need them. And they can do so at a fraction of the cost of a local lawyer.


Website Monitoring/Mirroring and Deep Web Searching

In the rapidly changing world of the Internet, important information can appear and then disappear before it is captured and preserved as evidence. IRI's website monitoring service can keep you informed on a daily basis of all new content on the websites of your adversaries or other interested parties. In addition, with advanced website search  techniques, we can even access and preserve evidence that your adversary has tried to erase. For example, our deep web search capabilities allow us to search what is publicly estimated to be more than a trillion pages of information in cyberspace that traditional search engines are not able to see. Using sophisticated search techniques, our Analysts are often able to discover and retrieve information removed long ago from websites or which are housed in quasi-public server locations. The World Wide Web provides caches of hidden but highly valuable information, and we know how to find it for our clients.      


Other Types of Investigations

The IRI team is experienced and accomplished in obtaining information and evidence, and can put its know-how to work in a wide variety of contexts in aid of our clients. If you have a need for investigation in Latin America, we may be able to help; and if we do not have the ability to address a particular need, we can often refer you to someone who can. In sum, no matter the problem faced by our current or prospective clients, our team is ready to assist in any way we can.


Our clients include Fortune 10 corporations, AmLaw 20 Law Firms, and smaller companies and firms that think just as big.


Note:  Due to IRI's commitment to confidentiality and discretion, we do not use client names or identifying information on the company website or in marketing materials. Client references are provided only with permission.

Among IRI's clients are some of the largest public and private corporations in the world. And some of the smallest. We have also helped many large prestigious law firms in the United States win high stakes and high profile cases for their clients. And we have worked for years with smaller firms that also know what it takes to deliver the results all clients expect.

Our clients include oil and gas companies; pharmaceutical companies; retailers; agricultural companies; vehicle, tire and component part manufacturers; and many others. IRI is typically retained by in-house or outside counsel, and we work closely with our clients' legal teams to ensure that our work furthers the client's objectives and meshes with the overall litigation and/or business strategy and policies of our clients. We focus on serving our existing clients and new corporate and law firm clients who are similar to our existing client base. We are selective in taking on new business, always ensuring that we have no conflicts of interest with current clients and that we remain within our core competencies.

Most of our client relationships span decades. Because we do not advertise and conduct only minimal marketing, client referrals are our primary source of new business, which we think speaks to the quality of our work.

Client references may be provided upon request.

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